Sports Vision

Sports Vision - boy on bikeThere is more to success in sport than visual accuracy. From baseball to archery, visual health, safety and training is imperative to the visual performance of athletes.

Glass or Contact Lenses

One’s need for visual correction on the field may be different than for daily use. Depending on the sport, Dr. Rossman may recommend protective lenses or contacts different from daily wear.

Eye Protection in Sports

If you have a child playing a fall sport, you are no doubt rustling up the requisite uniform and safety equipment. Coach has provided a list of necessary pads and helmets, guards and specialty footwear, but have you also considered eye protection? …Read More

Sports Vision Safety

Safety on the court or field is imperative when it comes to eye health. RecSpecs are specifically designed to protect against impact and are engineered to accommodate any prescription. They provide comfortable, durable protection without sacrificing range of vision.